A Moment on the Lips: Al Fresco

My sister and her friends are WAY more domesticated than I am. I was pleased to have been invited to one of their impromptu dinner parties where we ate al fresco! Typically, the girls will pick a cookbook and do a mini version of “Anna and Christina’s Grocery Bag”, where they pick a few recipes and over dinner, discuss if its a good recipe to repeat or a never again, and I think it’s not only innovative, but so cute! They judge if the recipes are easy to complete, simple to follow and obviously, how amazing it tastes. Last week they did Martha Stewarts online recipes from Everyday Food, and all three recipes got a must-try-again. Have a look at the amazing meal they made, and find the recipes in the links below!

IMG_6374  IMG_6373 IMG_6379

Summer Gnocchi // Broccolini Galette // Apricot-Blueberry Cobbler

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