The Day: High Tea at the Windsor Arms

If only I could always have Monday’s off… and Tuesdays. 3 day work weeks? Sign me up! On this selective holiday Monday, I tried to schedule things I can’t do during the work week, like my G road test, which I passed! I’m so relieved, I never have to wait in line at the DMV ever again! I also managed to throw on one of my favourite party dresses and attend Afternoon Tea at the Windsor Arms Hotel in downtown Toronto!

The Windsor Arms is a long standing Toronto landmark, existing since 1927. Modern improvements have been made, but the integrity of the architecture and old-time whimsical feel are still very present. The boutique hotel now holds 28 suites, and if the walls could talk, they’d tell you about all the celebrities, stars, and wanderlusts that have called the Windsor Arms a home away from home, where a 5:1 staff to guest ratio has everyone feeling welcome!

Afternoon Tea is served 4 times daily, and no two tables are alike! All the tables sported different teacups, saucers and tea pots. The purple accented room, outfitted with beautifully worn in plush tulip chairs and sofas, had the original 1927 fireplace and a view of St. Thomas Street. While I was there, I saw mother-daughter pairings, tourists and hopeless romantics!

The assortment of teas on the prix fix menu was quite expansive, and I settled on the Lemon Verbena, which was sweet and velvety! Next came the 3 tiered tray of delectable treats. Scones so soft, jams so sweet, and butter so delicately whipped it would have the Queen swooning for more! As expected, the finger sandwiches were cool and crisp, complimenting the right-from-the-oven goat cheese tart. The fudgey hazelnut petite four was easily my favourite part of the meal.

The staff was absolutely incredible. I arrived a little early and was able to see the staff set up for tea, and their team work was greatly noted. My server Connor was extremely pleasant, an amazing asset to my experience at the Windsor Arms! The staff was constantly asking to top up on tea pots and ensured all were comfortable. I would go again purely for the service!

If you’re looking to add some sophistication to your week, I highly recommend the Windsor Arms. For what its worth, you get plenty of dainty samplers, hot water refills in your tea pot, exquisite service and an Instagram worthy experience! Thank you to Christine for hosting me, and the entire Windsor Arms staff for up keeping this Bay and Bloor institution. Unlike some of the newer hotels that feature glass siding and hundred of rooms, the Windsor Arms remains true to its roots, and should be credited for it. I would gladly go again, if anyone is interested in trying it! Have a look at the pictures below! x

IMG_6147 IMG_6141

IMG_6150 IMG_6151IMG_6152 IMG_6153

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